Thursday , September 16 2021


About gotinfo

Gotinfo, here on my blog I share articles related to technology, digital marketing, why and when the incident happened and when and why the temple was established. Also about online / offline business where you can easily earn money by investing less. I started this blog to share my knowledge with my students and those who do not have much knowledge of technology and internet marketing.

I am very inspired by the world’s top digital marketers and SEO experts, but I have noticed that most of the blogs and articles are in English or some difficult technical language so I have decided to make all the information in Hindi and simple language. Therefore each person can understand the subject clearly.

How many members work on gotinfo.
GOTINFO has 3 members with over 5 years of experience

Ravi Varma – provides information related to technology as he is computer science Engineer.

Rajesh Kumawat – provides information related to Insurance as he works for LIC India.

Vibhor gaur- provides information about education as he is teacher in govt school.