Saturday , October 16 2021


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What is Android, its history and future

Android is not a phone nor an application, it is an operating system based on linux kernel. If I say it in easy language, Linux is an operating system that is mainly used in server and desktop computer. So Android is just a version of Linux that has been created …

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How to charge a mobile without electricity?

Use Power Bank Power Bank or also known as Portable battery pack, is a tremendous tool for daily use which is mainly used to charge the battery of your SmartPhone. In such places, where we need to charge our mobile phone, a power bank is very useful in such places. …

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How smart watch works & its technologies

Type text to tran A smartwatch is a digital watch that offers many other features besides timekeeping. Examples include monitoring your heart rate, monitoring your activity and providing reminders throughout the day. Like smartphones, smartwatches have a touchscreen display that allows you to take action by tapping or swiping on …

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