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Why plane tyres don’t Explode on landing in hindi

Have you ever wondered why the tires of the aircraft do not explode on landing, what could be the reason behind this, AC Conci Technology has made the tire, if we do not know then we will tell you.

Why do not tires of airplanes burst.
When the car scooters or motorcycles run on the roads, sometimes their tires break because there is friction between the tires and the road, due to which the tires get heated and weaken and they burst but you must have seen that the airplane at such speed Descends that due to friction between their tires and the road, the road bursts and every time there is smoke. But the tire of the plane never bursts. Why this happens

Why do the tires of the plane never explode, how are they made so strong! Know
The weight of an airplane is several thousand kilograms and when it lands, that is, during the landing, it has a speed of 250 to 300 kilometers per hour, but even then its tires do not explode because these tires are made to make them. Aluminum and steel are also mixed with tire-making rubber and airborne tires carry 6 times more pressure than the tires of the car so that it can bear more weight.

What type of gas is used to fill the plane tires.
These tires are filled with nitrogen gas instead of a normal gas because nitrogen gas is a dry gas compared to other gases and is also lighter. The temperature on this gas has no significant effect on heat. Therefore, the tires in which this gas is filled never explode because there is no possibility of fire due to friction in those tires. Because the gas never reacts with the oxygen gas due to its inaction, neither does the tire have any possibility of overheating and fire due to friction between the tires and the road, despite coming down at such a high speed. And neither do they burst.

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